President of the University

Prof. Thafer Yusif Assaraira


Mutah / Karak / Jordan. 

Postal Code : 61710
Tel: 00962-32372380 Ext. 6000
Fax: 962-03-2375540

A Welcome from the President

Mutah University is distinguished from other universities in the Region of the Middle East by its unique and creative combination of both military and civilian environments.  Academic programs at the university are complemented and supported bay a strong commitment to the core values of military life. Since its founding in 1981. MU has emphasized the importance of ethical and intellectual dimensions that inspired several generations of graduates who have served their countries with distinction. With its two separate but complementary campuses, MU has created an unprecedented example in the Military systems.

On the military campus, crops of cadets are grounded in a disciplined environment that supports the growth and the building of character and the moral and ethical values.

On the civilian campus, the high quality academic programs are complemented and strengthened by the military core values: honor, patriotism, loyalty, leadership and duty. As a leadership foundation, MU graduates men and women with alert minds and bodies, who value honor, integrity, loyalty and patriotism, and who accept the responsibilities that accompany leadership. MU has many alumni who have excelled in military and civilian institutions.