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Distinguished visitors, you are welcome on the page of sports science faculty / Mutah University.
The department of physical education at the sports science faculty was established at the first semester of the university year 1992/1993 A.D
The faculty used to offer the bachelor degree in education, major physical education, after that the major of physical education teacher domain was opened, with the expansion of the university in providing its various academic programs and completing its specialized faculties, it established the sports science faculty at the start of the university year 1999/ 2000 A.D
The faculty of sports science started its first studying year with two academic department which include (220) male and female students as well as a few number of the faculty numbers and administrator who work on running the faculty, and at the beginning of the study year 2002/2003, the names of the department of physical education and the department of sporting or athlete rehabilitation. Recently the number of the students of the sports sciences faculty reached (1200) male and female students who are taught by more than (30) faculty members
In the university year (2011/2012) the master program was credited.
The faculty includes various building and structures, the most  important is the main lounge for several purposes with a capacity of about 3000 audiences , in addition to four sub-lounges for gymnastics and harmonic exercises , physical fitness , physiology laboratory ,computer laboratory …etc. , and at the beginning of the school year 2013-2015 a foot ball  stadium was opened surrounded by a race track and field to be added to the facilities of the faculty to serve the faculty students as well as the local community . 

Genesis College

     The opening of The Department of Physical Education in the College of Educational Sciences was in the first semester 1992/1993 academic  ear. The College grants bachelor's degree in Education - Physical Education, and subsequently the opening of special sport teacher education centre.

     With the expansion of the university to provide academic programs of different complement of colleges specialized agencies,  the College of Sports Sciences established in the 1999/2000 school year. It started its first academic year which is divided into two academic  sections with hundred and twenty students. At the beginning of the 2002/2003 academic year the names of the departments in the college have  been modified  to become the Department of Physical Education and The Department of Rehabilitation and Sports.

     The buildings of the college include major multi-purpose hall that can accommodate about three thousand spectators. In addition to the four sub-galleries especializeded in gymnastics and rhythmic exercise, a fitness and physiology lab and a computer lab, a swimming pool and an olympic quarter. Also,they include squash courts,and an outdoor multi-purposes hall.


1. To prepare qualified staff for field physical education (classroom teachers).
2. To develop the performance levels of on-the job teachers (in-service teacher education program)
3. To qualify nominees for work in sports club, youth centers, and military sport unions.
4. To set up programs for physical education certification.
5. To prepare qualified exercise rehabilitation specialists to work in hospitals and health clubs.