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The  Department of Administrative and Agricultural
Services' Strategic Plans



The Department of Administrative and Agricultural Services' vision is to provide adequate housing, supplies and agricultural services. The Department strives to turn the campus into ever-clean environment in partnership with other units which will enable employees to perform their duties in the most effective and efficient manner possible.


The mission of our Department is promote sustainable agricultural and administrative services development, using appropriate techniques and methods to enable the department provide high-quality services related to the cleanliness of the campus including housing units (faculty members and employees). Also, providing different agricultural services such as maintaining the beauty and cleanliness of the campus' entrances and arenas as well as offering local community services.


-  Honesty, Accountability and Commitment.

-  Driven to deliver excellent services and upgrade the campus to become a role model amongst the rest of the local universities.

-  Improve and develop the delivery of varied services ( housing and agricultural services, infrastructural cleanliness).

-  Promote environmental awareness amongst the university community through general instructions that identify the significance of the aesthetic appearance of the campus.

-  Joint coordination with all university units to promote sustainable maintenance to reach the level of excellent and pioneering services.

-  Stimulating the efforts of the employees to enhance their abilities in the area of services and enable them perform their work with optimality.

-  Provides better awareness of needs and of the facilities related issues and environment


 The Organizational Structures of the Department:

-  Housing and Supplies Division

-   Hygiene Division

-   Gardening Division

-   Prevention and Cure Division

-   Arboretum Division

-   Council  Department Office