Department of Supplies

Director of Department
Suliman Jwehan


     The Department of Supply was initiated in 1984 for the purpose of providing the University with needed materials, and in speicific, purchasing, receiving, storing, insuring, and maintaining the materials.
The Department of Supplies (DOS) acts to make provision of all materials, demanded by the various faculties and departments, from the Jordanian and international markets available. DOS implements this policy through three different sections:

  • Purchasing.
  • Local Purchasing committee.
  • Decentral tendering committee.

     DOS also works to maintain a sufficient inventory of the frequent demanded items. The international purchasing section acts to make provision of items which is not available in the local market from the original sources internationally.


Enable the university to get the required supplies easily within the required time using simple technical procedure.


Provide all required material for the university with high quality, suitable prices and stored it at the best terms, conditions and subjected under high control of documentation and monitoring.


1. Durable supplies for university stores by all required material to be ready upon request at timely manner with high quality and suitable prices.

2. Simplification the procedures of work and computerization of all operations in the department.

3. Provide appropriate working environment for the management of supplies and raise the performance level of employees through continuous training and development of skills.

4. Follow up and control the existing materials to ensure the aspects of uses for the benefit of university desired.